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Breakfast Topic: Thankful


About this time every year, we Americans go into food coma lockdown mode, hop on board planes, trains and automobiles and head to family and friend gatherings. Thanksgiving is happening in the United States, and much food will be eaten, relatives will be awkward and some delicious pie will be baked. We also usually spill our guts about what we are thankful for.

On the nerdy side of things, we lost a lot in World of Warcraft in the past few days. The Shattering took a lot of our old-world nostalgia and focus and replaced it with the beginnings of Cataclysm and a whole new experience. I'm pretty damn thankful to Blizzard for creating essentially World of Warcraft 2 without making us all switch over to some new world and splitting the playerbase.

On the less nerdy side of things, here in the real world, I'm very thankful for the very fact that I get to type these words into this text editor and hit "post." I'm incredibly thankful that I have the opportunity to work with WoW Insider and talk to so many fans and WoW enthusiasts. Above all, I'm thankful for your comments and discussions and how incredibly wonderful you all make me feel with supportive emails and feedback. I'm thankful that you enjoy my writing and my ramblings on the WoW Insider Show. So thank you all.

What are you guys thankful for this year? You don't have to be from the United States to get in on this sap train.

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