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Mega savings on Capcom merch for Black Friday


We know the pre-Thanksgiving/Thanksgiving/Black Friday/Cyber Monday season is hard on wallets already thanks to a preponderance of unmissable deals, so we can only offer the following sincere words before dropping yet another set of deep discounts on you: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. It's true: we've become drunk from power, thanks to our ability to link to deals and make people buy things.

Capcom has begun its Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale on its online store, offering discounts on not just games, but exclusive items like Mega Man Zero Collection t-shirts, Dead Rising 2 Bubble Budd toys, and ... Mega Man Kubricks and Be@rbricks?! Oh no, our diabolical plan has backfired. We're tempting ourselves. What kind of monster would do this to people?

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