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Syte Shirt redesigns iPad-toting version, introduces smartphone edition

Darren Murph

Look, it's not embarrassing. We too are waltzing around the dinner table, iPad Syte Shirt on, with a slideshow of pilgrims and Tofurkys to really "showcase our spirit." But what about the jubilant among us that aren't about to part ways with their hard-earned clams in order to pick up an iPad? Enter the Smartphone Syte Shirt. Like the original, this all-black shirt is handmade in San Diego, but very much unlike the original, this one's designed to hold your iPhone, Droid Incredible or whatever handset you so happen to own. Better still, there's a zippered pouch at the top to prevent theft, and both landscape and portrait orientations are duly supported. The screen protector still accepts finger touches, and it's both dust and water resistant -- you know, in case your jealous bandmates decide to douse you when you refuse to remove it before heading out on stage. Hit the source link to order yours for $39.95. Seriously, do it. No one's watching.

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Syte Gear Releases Two New Syte Shirts and Improves Original Design

Express Yourself

San Diego, CA - November 23, 2010: Syte Gear, makers of Syte Shirts interactive clothing, announced the release of two new Syte Shirts along with an update to the iPad Landscape shirt today. The iPad Portrait and Landscape Syte Shirts turn an ordinary shirt into a large digital display. The iPad Syte Shirts have been redesigned to reduce the size of the frame while improving fit and finish. The new Smartphone Syte Shirt holds your iPhone and Android smartphone in multiple orientations for plenty of creative ideas. All Syte Shirts use a unique zipper pocket to display your gadget's screen. A touch-through screen protector provides full touch capabilities while shielding gadgets from dirty hands and debris. A hidden pocket gives access to headphones and wires. All Syte Shirts are available for order now at

"We were overwhelmed by the response to the original iPad Landscape Syte Shirt from the media and customers" says Syte Gear founder, Joseph A Young. "After launching, we listened to our customers and came back with a better design and new products. The feedback from early users has been very positive." "I like the shirt very much." says Ralf H. Porankiewicz, CEO of ASC Direct Inc. "We will use the shirts again on our next show in Boston." Syte Shirts are a great way to get your audience's attention and demo your great product. Using the Syte Shirt keeps your hands free and prevents your iPad or smartphone from being misplaced.

Some of the many ways to use your Syte Shirt:
● Demonstrate your app or website to multiple customers at once
● Promote your favorite artwork, music, and videos anywhere
● Use it as a prop for a skit, presentation, or costume
● Advertise your business and special promotions
● Use it in the classroom for an interactive and engaging lesson
● Take it to a trade show and catch the audience's attention
● Lifecast easily without holding the camera

"We can't wait to see what our customers do with the new Syte Shirts. I'm confident they'll come up with new and exciting uses we never thought of!"

Syte Shirt Features:
● Displays your iPad (and similar sizes tablets devices) in landscape or portrait mode (iPad version)
● "T-Pocket" holds your iPhone, Android, or smartphone in both landscape and portrait orientations (Smartphone version)
● Touch-through screen protector allows for full touchscreen functionality
● Zipper pocket provides secure retention, convenient access, and is water and dust-resistant
● Hidden port pockets for headphones, charger, and other wires
● Internal frame distributes gadget weight across the body for comfort
● Full mobility whether you are sitting down or standing
● Simple care instructions
● Unisex
● Color: black
● Sizes: S – XXL

The iPad Syte Shirts are available for $49.95 (S/M/L/XL) and $54.95 (XXL). The Smartphone Syte Shirt is available for $39.95 (S/M/L/XL) and $44.95 (XXL). All clothing is available at, and international shipping is available. Please email for comments and questions.

About Syte Gear
Syte Gear crafts useful and stylish clothing for gadget lovers. Design and manufacturing are all done in San Diego, California. The Syte Shirt team consists of Joseph A Young, founder and designer, JoAn Craig, fashion designer, and various friends lending their time towards the project. Joseph received his M.B.A. from the Rady School of Management at UCSD. JoAn is an experienced fashion designer and seamstress who sells her own designs at For more information about Syte Shirt, visit or connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube.

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