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10 copycat Apple ads


Whether you like them or not, find them utterly frustrating or a delightful pleasure to observe, one thing is for sure, Apple knows how to put a successful ad campaign together.

In a case of imitation being the sincerest form of flattery, Business Insider has compiled a list of the top ten commercials most influenced by Apple's advertising style.

From all white backgrounds to parodies of the "I'm a Mac vs. I'm a PC" campaign, to the Feist music sound-a-likes and up close and personal rotating video shots, these top ten ads have shown no shame in riding on the big waves that Apple's commercials have made.

For a video of the new Macbook Air commercial, click on the read more button below.

Photo by someToast/Flickr CC.

I found it particularly interesting that almost all the commercials either had a piano and female vocal soundtrack, or a hip, funky percussive / drum rhythm element with a piano hook or riff joining in.

At present, I'm quite taken by the current MacBook Air commercial which has layered pianos playing over each other, but centering on the pulsating root chord. For me, the music is akin to ushering in the dawning of a new age or the unveiling of the meaning of life. As if, ascending from chaos into order, an epiphany occurs and suddenly, you know the answer to the question you've been asking for so long.

Of course, it's total nonsense and completely over the top, but that's what advertising is, folks. So, don't be surprised if you see similar ideas emerging in other commercials (and lets not forget, it's all been done before, anyway). If these top ten copycat ads are anything to go by, we'll see Apple's trend setting ways continuing to ripple all around us for some time.

To check out Business Insider's top ten Apple commercial copycats, click here. And for a trip down memory lane, to see some of Apple's most iconic Mac ads, click here and here.

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