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Final Fantasy XIV sends the November update live

Eliot Lefebvre

Everyone in the US got to spend the day gorging on turkey and pie, but Final Fantasy XIV players got to gorge themselves on something else -- a large patch. The far-reaching November version update has gone live as of yesterday evening, bringing with it a host of updates and improvements to help bring the game up to speed in both content and accessibility. While the patch notes focus on enhancing the play experience, the improvements should be well-received by many players.

Among the more significant gameplay changes are the movement of skill points to an end-of-combat reward in the same manner as experience points and the reduction of points needed for ranks 11 through 31. The UI response time has been improved, and the widgets of the interface have been changed around to make the game more accessible and responsive. Synthesis materials have been altered, inventory space has increased, and the high-quality drops that once clogged inventories are being streamlined. All of the details can be found in the patch notes, a veritable feast of good news for Final Fantasy XIV players from a very appropriate day.

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