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Kiwi 2 delivers groups and themes for Mac Twitter users

David Quilty

Just in case you haven't been happy with any of the seemingly countless Twitter clients for OS X, Kiwi 2 is here to offer you another one to try out. Full of new features like inline images, account grouping, gesture support for trackpads, and a themeable interface, Kiwi 2 is a pretty solid Twitter client that looks right at home on the Mac platform.

My favorite new feature I discovered when giving it a trial run? The ability to set rules to hide annoying tweets, which is something that should be built into any application designed to work with Twitter. I have been using Nambu on my Mac for months now, but it may have some competition in Kiwi 2 -- at least until the next cool Twitter client comes out.

Kiwi 2 is available in 2 flavors: a free version supported by ads and an ad-free one which costs US $9.95. Click Read More to check out video of Kiwi 2 in action.

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