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Rumor: Resident Evil zombie silhouettes match Spike VGA tease


Gamerzines speculates that a commercial for the upcoming Spike VGAs, which flashes "look closer" and briefly reveals the zombie silhouetted picture above, is teasing a new Resident Evil title. The site concluded this by comparing the teaser image to that of an officially licensed Resident Evil t-shirt. The shirt and teaser image feature matching zombie silhouettes.

If the teaser is for a new Resident Evil title, a potential reveal could be for Slant Six Games' rumored multiplayer Resident Evil: Raccoon City. Of course, we always prefer to be surprised.

[Update: Looks like someone had their hands in the IP cookie jar – despite an overwhelming similarity to some Resident Evil artwork, this tease was actually for Activision's upcoming Prototype 2.]

[Thanks, Vallanthaz]

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