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Wurm Online adds new tutorial, hybrid F2P/P2P server

Jef Reahard

Wurm Online, the Java-based sandbox MMORPG from OneTwoFree AB, has undergone a bit of a Thanksgiving makeover. The game itself features a shiny new tutorial, while players now have access to the new Freedom server, a shard that integrates both paying customers and F2P types into a single space.

Wurm features two account types, basic and premium, both of which may be created for free at the game's official website. Basic accounts function as an extended trial and feature limits on characteristics and skills (20) as well as faith and fervor (30). Basic accounts also cannot access The Wilds PvP server. "We think that it is best for the game if new players can play with the more experienced ones to learn the game and see the possibilities, and we have been taking a lot of precautions in order for this to work," says CEO and designer Rolf Jannson.

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