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Runes of Magic shows off new Limo Desert trailer

Frogster Interactive and Runewaker Entertainment are certainly doing a good job keeping the new content flowing into Runes of Magic. As we heard recently, patch 3.0.6., titled The Treasures of the Desert, will open up the Limo Desert and offer a variety of new things for players to check out, including new areas, a new instance, and new monsters to battle -- and of course, new loot, we're sure. That sounds pretty cool to us.

For those who may have wanted to see some of the new areas, mobs, and even the new bosses in action, you're in luck. Frogster and Runewaker have sent over a video that shows off some of the areas in the Limo Desert -- an area which features a heavy dose of Egyptian influence. We're also treated to a peek at the dungeon, where players will face off against Angerfang and his minions. The shiny new trailer lies just behind the break for those who want to take a peek before the patch hits Runes of Magic on the 30th of November.

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