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Sony aims for half of Japan's e-reader market by 2012

Darren Murph

Given the dominance of Sony's Walkman over in the Land of the Rising Sun, it's a little surprising to think that Sony has been all but silent regarding the Japanese e-reader market. We heard back in May that the mega-corp was planning an e-reader launch in Japan by the year's end, aiming to build out an elaborate e-book distribution platform with local telecom operator KDDI. Fast forward a few months, and it seems as if thing's are finally falling into place. New reports are suggesting that the 5- and 6-inch Sony Reader devices will be on sale in Japan on December 10th, with pricing set for ¥20,000 ($237) / ¥25,000 ($297), respectively. Additionally, it's planning to crack the seal on an online e-bookstore with around 20,000 titles, and that one should be ready to roll prior to the "year-end shopping rush." Perhaps more stunning, however, is Sony's intentions to "sell 300,000 Readers in the first year and win half the domestic market by 2012" -- that's according to Sony Marketing Japan president Nobuki Kurita. Bold words, Sony, but we love the ambition.

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