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Three touchscreen-capable gloves tested

Sam Abuelsamid

While capacitive touchscreens have a lot of wonderful qualities when it comes to precision and sensitivity, the need for skin contact can be a problem in cold climates. MobileBurn has tried out three different solutions that help protect your digits from frigid air while still letting you manipulate your iPhone or iPad without resorting to some kind of sausage.

Gloves from Isotoner and Agloves and a retrofit kit from gave a decidedly mixed set of results in MobileBurn's testing. Fleece smartTouch gloves from Isotoner feature capacitive pads on the tips of the index finger and thumb. While the gloves are warm and the pads work well, their position means that your finger or thumb have to be straight on to make contact. If you often use the side of the finger tip or thumb, you're out of luck. The Agloves are infused throughout with silver, meaning that you can touch the screen any way you want and still control it. However, the knit construction means they don't keep your hands as warm as the Isotoners, and they are apparently very slippery, making it hard to keep a grip on your phone unless it is in some kind of case.

Finally, the GloveTips let you retrofit your favorite gloves with capacitive tips. Unfortunately, the contact points are very small, and if you don't get them in exactly the right spot for the way you hold your phone, they aren't very reliable. If you've tried out any gloves that let you control a touchscreen, let us know how they worked out in the comments. Check out MobileBurn's video in the second part of the post.

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