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Reuters: Microsoft in talks to bring subscription TV, networks to Xbox Live

We heard some buzz back in April about Microsoft execs considering the addition of a "television channel" to Xbox Live, allowing subscribers to view reruns and original programming for an additional buck or two per month. Today, Reuters reports that a pair of unnamed insiders has claimed Microsoft has held meetings with various media companies to discuss licensing of television programs to be streamed through such an application.

These talks, according to the sources, have been productive (though the launch of an Xbox Live TV service could be as far as a year out) and have included the potential to add interactive elements into shows viewed through the console and a "content silos" option, so that users could select entire networks (e.g., HBO or Showtime) to subscribe to. We'd definitely want to see an AMC channel, so we could get our Breaking Bad Mad Men Walking Dead on. Oh! And TBS -- for Conan. In fact, we could totally get down with an "all the awesome shows that they don't have on Hulu for some reason" channel.

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