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New EVE chronicle tells a tale of revenge against the Sansha invasions


EVE Online is currently buzzing with news of the Incursion expansion, which is being released in three parts over the coming months. The final release in January will be bringing the expansion's key feature, constellation-wide incursions by Sansha pirate forces. The incursions themselves began as a live event several months ago. After discovering the secrets of controlling the formation of wormholes, Sansha forces began using them to invade populated systems across EVE and kidnap citizens of the four empires. The abducted people were brought back to Sansha territory to be converted into mind-controlled slaves of the nation.

In a new EVE chronicle, CCP loremaster Abraxas tells the tale of one man's dealings with the pending Sansha invasion. It's a chilling story of a Sansha scout sent to talk to the leader of an asteroid colony and one man's dark revenge against the Nation. For those of you who have been following the Sansha lore with interest, this latest Chronicle "The Plague Years" will give an interesting glance into the inner workings of the Nation.

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