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Samsung SCH-R700 is a cute full-touch dumbphone, looks destined for US

Chris Ziegler

It's extraordinarily rare for a Samsung phone to show up in the FCC with full photography available to the public ahead of its official introduction, so color us surprised to see this lil' SCH-R700 hanging out today. It's an 850 / 1900MHz CDMA device with EV-DO, suggesting it'd probably go to Verizon, Sprint, or US Cellular -- Cricket and MetroPCS would almost certainly be off the table since both of those guys use AWS in their coverage. Beyond that, little is known; the nearly barren draft users' manual is dated from February of this year, so whatever the R700 is, it's been kicking around in labs for most of 2010. Though the button layout nearly guarantees it'll be running a basic dumbphone platform, it sure seems like this would be a great setup for an ultra-low end Android device, doesn't it?

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