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Secret World Twitter accounts offer possible clues

Jef Reahard

You know it's a slow news day when we're writing about The Secret World blurbs from the deep, dark recesses of the Twittersphere. It's not that we think Funcom's conspiracy-laced Lovecraftian zombie skill-based thing is vaporware, it's just that there's been very little information released on the game since the London hub video several months ago.

Now, one of the game's Twitter pages has been updated with a cryptic message that states "they are coming back." Who "they" are -- and why the avatar is now an image of bees and honeycomb -- is anyone's guess. Ten Ton Hammer has also observed that the Twitter accounts of a few Kingsmouth residents, namely Helen Bannerman, Danny Dufresne, Andy Gardener, and Carter, have also been updated.

So what's the thread that ties all these clues together? Is this more marketing misdirection or the lead-in to a larger reveal? We'll bring you the latest as soon as we figure it out ourselves.

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