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    Laplog for iPad molds to your midsection


    I get tons of people emailing me asking if they could send me samples of their product to review. Nowadays a lot of those requests come from people or companies that make some form of iPad stand or another. And lets be honest here, there's not much difference between one iPad stand and the next. Some are lighter than others, some have a sexier design, but they all do basically the same thing: they let you prop your iPad up on a flat surface. One stand that does do something the others can't is the Laplog. Think of it as a bean bag chair for your iPad.

    I'll be honest, when I first received the Laplog I took one look at it and thought it was designed in the 1970s. Its muted brown organic linen fabric and its salvaged wood iPad slot certainly scream anything but hi-tech. I actually thought I wouldn't even review it and threw it in a corner of my bedroom. But one night while laying in bed, I was sick of using my fingers to keep my usual iPad stand from sliding off my chest, so I grabbed the Laplog. From then on, I fell in love with it. It's now my favorite of the iPad stands that I've tested. Its bean bag design conforms to almost any surface, be it your desk, the curved arm of your couch or, indeed, your lap. The unique buckwheat hull filling of the Laplog also gives it a tremendous amount of malleability, which lets you easily mold the iPad to any viewing angle you want.

    The Laplog isn't thin, so if you're constantly on the go, it's not something you'll easily be able to fit into your laptop or iPad bag. But the adaptability of the Laplog makes it an ideal iPad stand to have around the house, especially for those of you who read books or watch movies on your iPad in bed. The Laplog also works exceptionally well in the car, whether it's the kids using it to support the iPad while watching a movie in the back seat on a road trip or for your driver's side passenger, so they can easily prop your iPad Wi-Fi+3G on the dashboard for easy viewing of satnav iPad apps.

    The Laplog is made in America. It's eco-friendly and available for US$29.95.

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