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Apple kills PhotoFast 256GB MacBook Air upgrade kit


Easy come, easy go. Apple has reportedly asked (politely, we assume) PhotoFast not to sell the 256GB MacBook Air SSD upgrade kit we were so eager to get our hands on. In fact, the product page is throwing a 404 this morning.

The kit looked great, and it included the 256GB upgrade chip as well as a USB 3.0 housing for the 64GB chip currently in the 11.6-inch Air. Plus, it could read and write at 250MB/s while Apple's SSD clocks in between 150MB/s and 160MB/s.

PhotoFast is currently licensed with Apple to make Apple accessories through the MFi Program, a privilege that would be a bummer to lose, to say the least. Cheer up, MacBook Air users, and imagine what could have been.

[Hat tip to 9to5 Mac and Engadget]

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