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Cabasse's high-fashion L'Ocean speakers rock the catwalk, your wallet

Darren Murph

Those operating sans a keen sense of style would probably take half a glance at Cabasse's L'Océan speakers (shown here on the right) and assume that they're one in the same with the company's La Sphére. Sure enough, the former also falls into the outfit's Artis line of speakers, but there's a slightly different combination of angles going on beneath the orb. The boutique audio firm has just revealed these three-way coaxial drive units, and they're purportedly capable of hitting 117dB without a hint of distortion. Of course, they weigh 176 pounds and stand just under four feet high, and considering the 2,250 total watts of digital amplification, we'd say they're probably built for a TMZ-certified house party. The company's gearing up to launch these in Q2 2011, but with a €80,000 ($105,900) list price, we're assuming it'll take a little more than seven month to save up for a set.

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