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Final Bit.Trip game is called 'Bit.Trip Flux'


Gaijin Games has (unintentionally) teamed up with the German USK ratings board to reveal the title for the sixth and final Bit.Trip game: Bit.Trip Flux. Yesterday, the developer put up a blog post titled "Flux," with poetic text that really looks like it's hiding some secret code. "A lesson is learned. Life is. Simply. There is no death. There is no before. There is no after. All is in flux. Simply." In addition, the USK posted a rating for an Aksys-published game called Bit.Trip Flux, which is a lot less cryptic.

Even if we can't surmise any details about the game from this title or the blog post, it's basically enough to know that it's another Bit.Trip game. We're intrigued!

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