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LG Star struts its stuff on film, toys with an iPhone 4 (video)

Sean Hollister

We can't get enough of the world's first Tegra 2 smartphone, the LG Star, so if the 4-inch diva wants a closeup while parading about Tel Aviv, who are we to argue? GSM Israel somehow managed to obtain the same dual-core Android 2.2 handset we glimpsed earlier this morning, complete with 8 megapixel camera and HDMI port. Though we don't have the foggiest idea what they're saying in the video after the break, the LG-P990 certainly seems to be a speedy little machine in side-by-side webpage load tests with the fan-favorite iPhone 4, though we seem to detect a hint of hesitation when the Star's capacitive touchscreen gets brushed. Chalk it up to faux embarrassment, we suppose. Video after the break.

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