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NIS America publishing Imageepoch games in North America and Europe


Fans of niche JRPGs nobody else has heard of will have something to look forward to when NIS America brings Imageepoch's games to North America and Europe. NIS America made a name for itself with the Disgaea franchise, and Imageepoch CEO Ryoei Mikage explained during a press conference (via Dengeki) announcing three new games that it's the reason he chose to go with them -- specifically, the company's ability to move 150,000 to 200,000 units per installment in the beloved tactical series.

Mikage's plan is to first appeal to diehard JPRG fans overseas (that's you!) then go from there. Sadly, Mikage didn't reveal which would be the first game localized for The West, but considering the event revealed three new games, it's a good chance any of these could be considered: Black Rock Shooter: The Game, Tales of the Last Promise and Chevalier Saga Tactics. Yatta!

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