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Samsung GT-i9200 camera samples turn up online, possible Galaxy S successor?

Chris Ziegler

With the Nexus S almost certainly called the GT-i9020 and the original Galaxy S falling in the GT-i9000 series, you might be wondering where the GT-i9200 fits into the puzzle. We won't really know until Samsung lifts the curtain -- possibly at CES or MWC next year -- but in light of the fact that we've got this Stealth V beast in the pipe and Eldar Murtazin is blabbing about a supposedly awesome GT-i9100, odds are good that the i9200 represents a higher-end Android device that succeeds the Galaxy S in one way or another. To that end, it's with great interest that we're seeing test shots taken with the i9200's camera -- seemingly in Korea -- posted up on Picasa, which would make sense considering Android's relatively tight Picasa integration. Unfortunately, none of the shots seem to be uploaded at the camera's native resolution so we can't eke out much of a spec sheet here, but it's just one more sliver of evidence that early 2011 is going to be another barn-burner for the Android camp.

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