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T-Mobile prepaid account management on the fritz for the past week, Web DayPasses hard to buy

Chris Ziegler

A quick gander at T-Mobile's official support forums suggests that the carrier's prepaid customers have been in a world of hurt for the past few days -- or the ones that use data, at least. The problem seems to be that visiting the page where you top up on $1.49 Web DayPasses for daily web access produced one of a number of errors, which effectively means that your phone has been reduced to a calling and texting machine... and let's be honest: we're only in this for the data, right? Calls to customer service have apparently rooted out that the Thanksgiving holiday accounted for part of the delay in getting the issue fixed, but as far as we know, it's still not totally back to normal -- so let us know what you're seeing in comments.

[Thanks, Edward]

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