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15 Minutes of Fame: In search of fascinating players


From Hollywood celebrities to the guy next door, millions of people have made World of Warcraft a part of their lives. How do you play WoW? We're giving each approach its own 15 Minutes of Fame.

We're looking for fascinating people! 15 Minutes of Fame is on the lookout for people who've managed to work WoW into or around their lives or play the game in new and interesting ways. Know someone who fits the bill? Is there a type of player you'd like to hear more about? Tell us!

I know this guy ... Know someone exceptional? It could be someone who plays the game in an interesting way or has achieved remarkable goals in game, or it could be someone who does something interesting outside of the game and manages to bring those ideas and perspectives to the game. Maybe you don't know this player personally, but you know about their accomplishments in game or out and are curious to learn more about their approach to World of Warcraft. Tip us off -- maybe we'll feature your nominee! Tell us in one paragraph what makes your nominee a remarkable WoW player. (We've met a lot of inspirational guild leaders in our time; if you're going to nominate a GM, give us specific examples of what makes this leader stand out from so many others.) Send us your tips, including a way or at least an idea of how to reach your nominee, to

Looking for members Is your guild planning to hit Cataclysm content completely blind -- no spoilers, no strats, no foreknowledge of what's to come? We want to hear from you! But wait -- blind raiders are far from the only players we're searching for. We're looking for a whole host of different types of players for a possible turn in the 15 Minutes of Fame spotlight. Hit the jump to find out if you might know (or be!) any of the players we're currently seeking.

Tell us about these people!

15 Minutes of Fame is searching for players who bring fresh ideas and energy to World of Warcraft. Do you know anyone who fits these profiles?

  • The blind raider No, we're not talking about visually impaired players. Is your guild heading into Cataclysm completely blind -- no spoilers, no strats, no foreknowledge of what's to come?
  • The home decorator Some people just can't help showing their Horde, Alliance or overall Azerothian pride. Do you know someone whose home bears makes more than passing reference to Azeroth?
  • The straight A student WoW players are notorious for letting their grades slip. Are you a high school raider whose GPA is as impressive as your GearScore?
  • The charitable type We've all heard of Child's Play, the gaming industry charity dedicated to improving the lives of children with toys and games. Do you know anyone who's come up with another way to use WoW to raise funds for a charitable cause?
  • The kiting king We know they're out there -- players who see every new NPC as an opportunity in kiting. Tell us about your most impressive feats of kiting!
  • The student of WoW We know that WoW's made it into college and even high school curricula -- but all we've heard so far is the teacher's side. Psst, students -- gotta log out and go to your WoW class now? Tell us more!
  • The success story Are you an artist, blogger, designer, modder or other WoW hobbyist whose WoW-centric projects have helped catapult you into your chosen profession?
  • The old hand We're looking for an A-team raider who's 60+ years old and still doing hard modes with the best of them.
  • The guild "mom" You know this player: the gal (or guy) who keeps everyone's morale high and keeps things behind the scenes humming along.
  • The battle-scarred veteran Who taught you the ropes in the arena? We want to talk to your battle-hardened mentor.
  • The counselor Any counselors or mental health professionals out there who use WoW and/or gaming as an explorative or therapeutic tool?
  • The level 80 collector How many level 80s is enough? Is there such a thing as too many 80s? How many do you have?
  • The face of WoW past We've all heard about retro raiders who freeze their levels to play in legacy content. What about players who never purchased any of the expansions at all?
  • The AH PVPer The frenzy of the trading floor is where it's at for you. Are you an auction house wheeler and dealer?

Who else in the World of Warcraft do you know who's interesting? What are your friends doing that make World of Warcraft a remarkable place to play? Tell us!

Whether you're nominating yourself or someone else, please include concrete details that let me know why this player is simply exceptional; direct contact info is a plus. You can reach me at I'm looking forward to sharing all these intriguing personalities with everyone!

"I never thought of playing WoW like that!" -- and neither did we, until we talked with these players, from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine's Aron "Nog" Eisenberg to an Olympic medalist and a quadriplegic raider. Know someone else we should feature? Email

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