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Asheron's Call rolls out December content update

Jef Reahard

Turbine may be the king of freemium themeparks these days, but once upon a time it actually developed sandbox MMORPGs. It did them so well, in fact, that even though once upon a time was 1999, Asheron's Call remains open for business to this day.

Not only that, but the title keeps rolling out the content updates, with the latest adding a new playable race (the Olthoi), a new magic school, a new hunting area, new quests, etc. That's a lot of new for an 11-year-old game, wouldn't you agree? Oh, and there's also the new luminance mechanic, designed for endgame folks above level 200 and meant to improve everything from critical hits to crafting.

Check out all the details at the official website, and hit up our new gallery below while you're at it.

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