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Final Fantasy XIV shows off its first notorious monstrosity

Eliot Lefebvre

Notorious Monsters. The name is well-known to any veteran of Final Fantasy XI, denoting an especially powerful opponent with accordingly potent rewards. Final Fantasy XIV is set to receive its own set of notorious opponents with the December update, and the first preview of such has just been released. Deadeyes, a wolf deep within the forests of the Black Shroud, is the first one announced, and the preview details both why Deadeyes is to be feared and what players can hope to gain from the challenge.

The preview implies that Deadeyes will be encountered via a faction levequest, thus clearing up questions of how spawns of notorious monsters would work within the game. It also explains that upon his defeat, he will reward players with one of 12 runestones, with each stone being turned in to an Ul'dahn trader for a powerful piece of armor. The Harlequin set, a four-piece set for Disciples of Magic to use to enhance the potency of their magic, is shown off as one of the possible rewards. Final Fantasy XIV players have quite a bit to look forward to in the next update, and Deadeyes looks to be just the beginning.

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