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GameStop cards can buy Kreds on Kongregate, retail sales fueling digital profits


If you were a little puzzled about why retail chain GameStop invested in the Flash gaming site Kongregate earlier this year, here's (at least part of) your answer. The company has announced that GameStop gift cards will now be able to purchase Kongregate's "Kreds" virtual currency, which can then be used to buy unlocks and items in Kongregate games, or even "tip" developers who upload games to the site. Each dollar on a GameStop card equals 10 Kreds, and since those gift cards can be found not only in GameStop stores, but at grocery stores, bookstores and other places of commerce, that's a lot more Kreds Kongregate kan kapture.

Whoops, sorry, we got a little karried away there. The company is also offering a promotion for the deal, with up to 30 percent bonus Kreds given for any GameStop card used on the site through December 8. You have to give it to GameStop -- it's coming up with some really interesting ideas in its efforts to stay floating above the onrushing tide of digital distribution.

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