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Samsung touts Super PLS display as the evolution of IPS on smartphones, plans production in early 2011

Vlad Savov

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Samsung, being the global leader in mobile displays that it is, was understandably a little unnerved by Apple's IPS LCD-sporting iPhone 4, but now it's back to the forefront with its brand spanking new Super PLS tech. PLS stands for Plane to Line Switching, which helps Samsung deliver some pretty spectacular viewing angles -- even better than the already stellar ones you'll find on IPS panels -- while also improving screen brightness by a reported 10 percent. The target market for Super PLS displays will be smartphones and tablets, with a delicious WXGA resolution on offer for the top bidders. Mind you, Samsung also claims production costs are 15 percent lower than comparable IPS tech, meaning that the only thing standing between us and the next new hotness is time -- Sammy expects to begin mass production early next year. Oh, and it's working on securing a set of 30 patents relating to Super PLS, so don't go holding out hope for direct competitors from LG or anyone else anytime soon.

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