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Beta Mac client for Evernote adds sharing controls, notebook stacks


The perennial TUAW favorite 'bucket app' Evernote has added two intriguing new features in the beta version of the Mac client: in-app notebook sharing controls and Stacks for notebook organization. Both are available immediately to free and paid Evernote users who choose to update to the beta (just check "include beta versions" in the application's update preferences to see the new build).

The sharing controls in-app look much the same as they do on the Evernote website, and they provide the same level of custom access. You can decide whether to share a notebook with the public at large, or with specific individuals. Premium subscribers can also allow sharing partners to edit, create or delete notes if desired; they also get a history view of shared notes, so they can see exactly when things went off the rails.

The organizational power of Stacks means that you're no longer limited to a flat list of notebooks; you can sort and group your notebooks into whatever piles you need, and collapse/expand them as needed in the app sidebar. Right now the only place you'll see your Stacks is in the Mac client, but as the new features roll out to the other Evernote flavors they will show up in those spots as well.

I'd love to tell you how these new features are working for me, but unfortunately my notes database is hanging up during the upgrade process. You might want to backup (or redownload) the stable version, just in case.

[Hat tip to DLS/Switched]

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