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Spacelog provides fascinating searchable text transcripts for NASA missions

Laura June

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What you're looking at above is a scan of the physical NASA transcript of a famous moment of the Apollo 13 space mission. These transcripts make extremely fascinating reading, especially if (like us) you're really into minutiae. Now, for the first time ever, these transcripts are being... transcribed again, on the internet. Yes, if you wander over to Spacelog, you can now view full transcripts of the Apollo 13 and Mercury 6 space missions in searchable text which also links back to source images like the one pictured above. This is the kind of historical documentation and access that reminds us of why the internet is so, insanely awesome. Spacelog's site also says they're going to provide other mission transcripts in the future, including Gemini 7, Apollo 8 and Apollo 11.

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