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Xbox Live stats: 'About half' of subscribers pay for Gold, 3 hours daily average

Justin McElroy

Speaking at the Credit Suisse Group Technology Conference yesterday, Microsoft Interactive Entertainment Division CEO Dennis Durkin dished on the state of Xbox Live, namely that half of the service's 25 million users are ponying up the dough for a Gold membership. They're making good use of it too, with an average of three hours logged daily. The last time we got a tally was in early 2009, when the service was at 56 percent, though its hard to analyze how that stat has changed without a firm number from Durkin.

We're sure it sounded good to the investors, but we're honestly a little surprised that fully half of the population still hasn't upgraded to Gold. That said, we really hope they're not counting the fake Silver accounts we made to download stuff from Japanese Xbox Live, as there's not much chance of "All4DaDemozJP" upgrading any time soon.

[Editor's Note: Looks like we hit Mr. Durkin's comments the first time he delivered them, last month at the BMO Capital Markets Conference. Apologies for the duplicate posting!]

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