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Engadget Podcast Bingo gets an app; nobody's feelings get hurt because we're all made out of rubber


Oh, sure, funny-ha-ha. There's an Engadget Podcast Bingo app available now, which lets you play a relevant game of bingo on your iPhone while you listen to Engadget, Engadget Mobile, or Engadget HD podcasts stored on your phone, or stream one live from your computer. It's full of funny jokes. But you know what the thing is about humor? Every humor thing has an element of truth in it. That's what makes it funny! But that's also what makes it hurt people's feelings. Sure, you might tap "Nilay Gets Fired" on your phone while chuckling quietly to yourself, but how do you think it makes Nilay feel? Or when someone accuses Chris of being "Paid by Apple," all Chris can think of is his poor upbringing where he didn't even have shoes to wear, and how he wishes someone would pay him for his mobile expertise. Or how when someone in chat says to somebody "can you be quiet for another 4 minutes" just because they want to fill in another bingo square. How do you think that makes that somebody, you know, theoretically, feel? How much psychic pain are you willing to cause? Go ahead, download the app, we don't mind. We're just robots, anyway.

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