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Ms. Splosion Man makes her debut, sploding 'fall of 2011'

You know, in retrospect, that was quite a tell. Just last week, Splosion Man 'sploded to the top of the Xbox Live Arcade charts thanks to a hefty 75% Black Friday discount; this week, developer Twisted Pixel introduces us to Ms. Splosion Man, the titular leading lady in its next digitally delivered opus, coming "fall of 2011." Notably absent from the press release: a platform. Splosion Man was, of course, an Xbox Live Arcade-exclusive and part of Microsoft's 2009 Summer of Arcade.

While the press release doesn't share much in the way of information, we had the opportunity to speak with Twisted Pixel CCO Josh Bear, who told us, "We could have churned out new levels [for Splosion Man], but we wouldn't have had the time to add in new gameplay puzzles or cool new character stuff. But we didn't just want to do Splosion Man 2, it had to be something a ittle more interesting. That is why we decided to do MSM."

Check out the teaser trailer and cheeky press release just after the break, and then read our interview to learn about the game's Ms. Pac-Man homage ("everything was just more polished and better all around"), what former Rock Band 3 senior designer Dan Teasdale is up to since leaving Harmonix (turns out he's serving as the studio's janitor) and how Splosion Man and Ms. Splosion Man are different ("Splosion Man has a penis, Ms. Splosion Man" ... we'll leave the rest to Mr. Bear).

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Twisted Pixel Games Proud to Announce the World Won't End in the Fall of 2011

AUSTIN, TX – December 2, 2010 – Twisted Pixel Games was pleased to announce today that their subsidiary, Big Science, has captured the Splosion Man and guaranteed the safety of all humankind. Many remember the terrifying events of July 2009: Splosion Man's horrifying rampage through Big Science laboratories that meated hundreds of scientists and caused untold damage to their underground laboratories. Eye witnesses reported widespread destruction and a staggering number of t-bones and fillets left in his wake.

Today that ends, with Twisted Pixel releasing footage of the successful capture of the renegade experiment. The scientists speak with new-found confidence about their success. Says Dr. Wilson, "Even if some sort of newer, stronger, better threat were created, our newest security measures and fiendish traps would be more than enough to contain it. We've made incredible advances in our technology over this past year.... Not that there would ever be a use for any of it."

Dr. Henry was quick to add, "Our lab, our equipment - everything has had functionality improvements and visual overhauls, and our company has expanded to some incredible new locations. It's all pristine and beautiful - decadent environments that we are very happy no experiment gone wrong will ever rampage through." Dr. Henry paused briefly before continuing, "I don't even know why I'm mentioning that, because it's 100% guaranteed that Splosion Man will never be a threat to us again."

When asked if there was any risk of overconfidence amongst the scientists, Dr. Riley was quick to interject. "Why? What's going to happen, some sort of freak accident in the after party that creates a "Ms. Splosion Man" mere seconds after Splosion Man's capture? And then the Ms. Splosion Man goes on some monster tear in the fall of 2011? Yeah right. Not very likely."Twisted Pixel Games reiterates that despite the fact that nothing could possibly go wrong during today's events, should any newsworthy event occur, they will release as much information as possible in the coming months.

About Twisted Pixel Games, LLC
Founded in 2006 by industry veterans, Twisted Pixel is the independent game development studio behind the 2009 IGF finalist and 2008 PAX 10 Audience Choice Award winning game The Maw for Xbox LIVE® Arcade, Steam, Greenhouse, and Direct2Drive. Their accomplishments continue with the successes of Splosion Man and Comic Jumper. Twisted Pixel specializes in character-driven, original IP titles that shake up what games are all about. Memorable characters, creative gameplay, and impressive presentation is our focus. Learn more at

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