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Phat Loot Phriday: Breastplate of the Poetic Orc


Throgg coughed delicately before he spoke. "I do not think that I shall ever see, anything quite as lovely as a tree."

Lolegolas stopped and cocked his head as he looked to his orc friend. "Say what, now?"

"To be or not to be," Throgg replied, poking a meaty appendage at the blood elf. "To rhyme or not is the task for me!"

"OK," Lolegolas grumped. "I see we've finally taken one too many dragon cleaves to the old noggin."

"Nay, nay, I doth say," Throgg countered, "you must gaze upon my fork -- for I wear the Breastplate of the Poetic Orc!"

"Damn you, Frostilicus," Lolegolas cursed.

"I don't know what rhymes with that," the orc mournfully answered.

Breastplate of the Poetic Orc

  • Type Plate chest
  • Armor 510
  • Strength 11
  • Stamina 15
  • Item level 54
  • Equip Increases your critical strike rating by 10 (0.83% @ L53)
How to get it Complete the quest Damn you, Frostilicus in Winterspring.
How to get rid of it It vendors for 1 gold, 98 silver, and 44 copper. It usually disenchants into a few Dream Dust.

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