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PlayStation Phone reportedly caught on (very clear) video


Well, lookie what our amigos at Engadget have stumbled upon: a purported video of the Sony Ericsson ZEUS-Z1 "PlayStation Phone" being handled by a YouTube user by the alias of "xxmajstor." Whoever they are, they show the very PSP Go-esque phone off for upwards of two minutes, sliding it open to reveal the previously reported on game controls, including the "touch strip" that evidently sits in for dual analog sticks.

Looking at the top of the device, you can clearly see the L and R shoulder buttons and what appears to be a volume controller rocker right in the same spot where it appears on a Go. The back of the phone features a camera and LED flash. Perhaps the most telling bit of the video in terms of this being the PlayStation Phone (as if the controls aren't enough) is the presence of a PlayStation controller icon among the other apps on its screen.

Hit the break for the full video and let us hear what you think of it in comments.

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