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The Guardian announces subscription-based news app, is rumored Newsstand looming?


AppleInsider reports that, on Thursday, The Guardian announced it will be replacing its current app with an all new version "soon." Although the current version of the app will continue to work (but eventually be discontinued), the new app is to introduce The Guardian's award-winning video, reader comments on articles, improved live blogs and landscape reading.

Jonathon Moore, the mobile product manager for The Guardian wrote, "We'll be launching the new app globally for the first time and although we can't confirm exactly when it will be available, we're working towards a pre-Christmas release."

However, the more interesting side of this story is that the new app will be subscription-based, costing £2.99 for six months and £3.99 for a year.

Although Moore didn't indicate that the new app's pricing structure had anything to do with any changes in the way the App Store delivers news content, it certainly does coincide with the rumored December 9th (or thereabouts) press event -- supposedly announcing an App Store news subscription service (featuring Steve Jobs as well as News Corp's Rupert Murdoch introducing The Daily -- unless it has in fact been delayed).

Publishers have been seeking a better way to deliver their content on the App Store for some time now. Is the much-speculated App Store Newsstand (perhaps similar to the iBookstore) about to be introduced in time for the holiday season? We're holding out for December the 9th!

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