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iPhone, iPad top 2010 "obsessions" list


This may come as no surprise to readers of TUAW, but Apple has scored two of the top three spots on Yahoo's "10 Obsessions of 2010" list. Coming in at #1 was the iPhone followed by the iPad at #3. Sandwiched between the two was Lindsay Lohan (get your minds out of the gutter).

Yahoo said their choice of candidates for the obsession list were partly based on a person's need for compulsive, constant web surveillance and vigilance in getting the scoop as soon as any new information was available. That definitely describes the fixation interest most people seemed to have for Apple's iOS devices this year.

Next year promises only more of the same with the coming of the second generation iPad and the fifth generation iPhone. And who knows? Maybe if Lindsay Lohan decides to stay home in 2011, Apple could sweep the top three if they unveil a real Apple TV.

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