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Monty Python to open Ministry of Silly Games on Facebook


If you've never experienced any of Monty Python's PC games, you missed out on King Arthur's adventures, the meaning of life and (quite literally) a complete waste of time. Now the troupe is returning to the computer box courtesy of a new Facebook game entitled The Ministry of Silly Games. Developed by Zattikka, the game is essentially a collection of mini-games bound together in a simple RPG structure.

Players are given quests that lead to mini-games, which Rock, Paper, Shotgun describes as unabashed clones of popular games like Angry Birds, Galaga and match-three puzzlers. And, of course, there are opportunities to spend real cash on in-game stuff, should you decide to do so. Still, the game is packed with Monty Python references and even includes lots of original art work by Terry Gilliam himself.

The Ministry of Silly Games is currently in closed beta. Interested Python fans can sign up to participate right here.

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