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Razorfish ports DaVinci interface to Kinect, makes physics cool (video)

Tim Stevens

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Razorfish is a little marketing company that has done some impressive things on Microsoft's Surface, things you may or may not have seen because that particular brand of pedestal hasn't exactly become a threat to the global dumbtable market. One of Razorfish's cool things is a so-called Surface Physics Illustrator called DaVinci, which lets a user doodle on the screen and turn those doodles into balls, boxes, levers, and fulcrums. Now that code has effectively ported that code over to Kinect, as you can see in the video below, letting you do the same sort of things but with thine own two hands floating in mid-air. You can cause shapes to levitate, create gravity between them, make things orbit, even enable magnetism that alternately pulls and hurls your little doodles across the screen. The company is said to be continuing to refine the experience and maybe, if you all ask nice, they'll even release the app when they're through so you can try it for yourself.

[Thanks, Luke]

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