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The Queue: Aaaaaaaaaaa


AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA ... less than 48 hours.

Dudegar asked:

Why is there a dark iron dwarves embassy in Ironforge? Have I missed something?

This is all chronicled in The Shattering by Christie Golden, but after Magni Bronzebeard's little "accident" with the Tablets of Stone, his daughter Moira stormed into Ironforge with her infant son to claim the city as the rightful heir. She's not wrong -- the kid is the rightful heir of Ironforge. However, after some shenanigans and a covert mission to free the city, Varian Wrynn created a tentative pact and peace between the three dwarven clans, Wildhammer, Bronzebeard, and Dark Iron, to rule Ironforge as a council to quell unrest. So far it has been working, except for the expected tensions.

Also, the Dark Irons seem really good at losing their homes, since it's happened twice already in World of Warcraft lore. They needed a new place to stay and are crashing on Ironforge's sofa.

Massdps88 asked:

So, question: How do I get there and where should I put my main Monday night so I can maximize my super-happy fun seahorse-riding times?

I'm sticking my guys next to the flight trainer, buying some Old World Flying and booking it out of the city.

EnigmaEngine asked:

Is the northern part of Eastern Kingdoms (Lordaeron?) cursed or something? A lot of great powers located in this area have fallen at one point: Kingdoms of Lordaeron and Gilneas, Quel'Thalas, the Amani Empire, and depending on how you look at, Dalaran.

I think it's less about being cursed and more about proximity. Stormwind was ravaged because it was closer to the Dark Portal than, say, Lordaeron. A lot of the conflict in the past few years of WoW has all been close to the top of the world, dealing with the plague and the Scourge.

jared asked:

In the
Cataclysm cinematic, it looks like Deathwing flies right above Auberdine's docks. And if he came outta Deepholm, and ends up in Eastern Kingdoms, more specific, Stormwind, then from the Maelstrom to Eastern Kingdoms, Auberdine is long ways away? You know what's up with that?

Back at BlizzCon, we were basically told that the movie is not indicative of any specific path Deathwing takes at all. It's a disaster movie: Here are a bunch of your favorite, notable places getting reamed by Deathwing's malice. The cinematic is purely for showing stuff explode, collapse, fall over, explode, erupt in fire, crumble, explode, explode, and change forever. It is not meant to be his literal path of destruction.

Interficio asked:

With the holidays coming around, what would be some good
WoW Christmas presents?

Since the mini-pets are so cheap and easy to get for any WoW player, I think they make the best little gifts. I wish there was more stuff from the pet store this Christmas -- maybe a couple other mini-pets and a new mount for the Christmas/Hanukkah/gift giving season. Shame.

Martinel barfed:

@Tauren paladins


That is all.


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