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Cover design contest announced for Branson's iPad magazine 'Project'

David Quilty

Last week, we wrote about the release of Richard Branson's iPad-only magazine Project, and this week brings us a contest to design the publication's cover. Interested designers were to participate in a scavenger hunt held in both New York and San Francisco, where they had to locate one of four paper mannequins containing coordinates of USB drives holding the information on how to enter the contest. If it sounds to you like a rather convoluted way to run a contest, I would agree -- but since it's coming from a company trying to launch its own space program, it shouldn't be too surprising.

For those of you who weren't able to scour NY or SF to look for the drives, Mashable's Lauren Indvik has gotten hold of a .zip file containing the information for those looking to enter the contest. She has made it available for download via her personal Dropbox account, and once you have come up with your own design for the cover, you can enter it over at There is no prize money for winning the contest and entries are due by December 15th, but just being able to design a cover for Branson's new iPad-based magazine seems like it would be worth it for the bragging rights.

Click Read More to watch a video about the challenge.

[via DigitalTrends]

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