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IGN and GameStop forge partnership, combine traffic, learn the power of sharing

Major corporation cooperation news now, with a report from The Wall Street Journal's Kara Swisher announcing a "partnership" between News Corp's gaming megasite IGN and retail (and recycling) behemoth GameStop. While it's not clear how extensive this partnership will be, Swisher reports that IGN will be creating (and presumably selling) ads on; IGN editorial content will appear on; and, inversely, will inherit plenty of e-commerce buttons.

Perhaps most notably, IGN and GameStop will merge their traffic, to better appeal to advertisers and further cement IGN's pole position amongst video game websites. GameStop has 7.2 million monthly unique visitors which will be added to IGN's 28.9 million, resulting in a post-rollup total of more than anyone else.

We've got notable questions regarding the businesses which overlap. For example, what happens to Game Informer, the GameStop-owned video game magazine and site that competes with IGN? And what about IGN's Direct2Drive PC gaming retail arm? And what about concerns that this extensive of a retail relationship is a little cozy for an editorial outlet? We'll update this post when we learn more.

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