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Neil Patrick Harris to host VGAs, hopefully in a legen- (wait for it) dary manner

There are few people on this planet we admire more than one Mr. Neil Patrick Harris, the length of whose name is matched only by the depth of his comedic talent -- which is to say that there's a lot of it. However, we're of two minds about how to react to the announcement that NPH would be fulfilling hosting duties for the 2010 Spike VGAs, which, once again, we have been dragooned into watching and reporting on this year. (Man, this job sometimes, we swear.)

Again, we're big, big fans of Neil (who provided one of the four Spider-voices in Shattered Dimensions), and his bit during last year's VGA ceremony was one of the highlights -- but the first time he busts out some unconvincing nerd-speak, or gets danced all-up-on by models with award winners' names painted on their torsos, we're going to have a full-on panic attack. We've got all our fingers crossed that those won't occur, though leaving our fingers in that position might make it a little difficult to type snarky comments about the rest of the show. Hmmm.

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