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Report shows vision of futuristic Apple campus


British architect Norman Fisher Foster is working on transforming Apple's latest purchase -- a real estate bargain from HP -- into a new campus designed to give the company some breathing room.

El Economista reports that the 100-acre campus is to be modeled after Masdar, Abu Dhabi, the first city in the world without cars or carbon emissions. The new campus is being referred to as 'Apple City,' and both campuses are to be linked by tunnels.

It's not surprising when you think about it. Apple has set out to revolutionize the personal computing experience, the mobile phone industry, tablet -- sorry, slate computers -- and your living room. Why not use these campus to test the ultimate Mac city, then eventually offer that technology to struggling municipalities? If this is Apple's next step to world domination, I can buy it.

[Via MacStories and 9to5Mac]

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