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Docomo grants Japanese taxis with WiFi, PSPs, little red stickers

Tim Stevens

There are many hugely efficient ways to get around Tokyo, but for visitors taxis usually come at the bottom of that list. Drivers rarely speak English and, compared to the rest of the world, they're quite expensive (about $8 to start, going way up from there). But, should you find yourself in one they're naturally hugely clean and sophisticated, that sophistication getting a boost now by DoCoMo. 820 black sedans for hire in Tokyo will be outfitted with WiFi, freely available to customers who dishonor the back seats with their backsides. 100 of the cars will even have Sony PSPs back there too, which is odd because we were pretty sure everyone in Tokyo already had one -- or a DS, at least. These specially equipped taxis can be identified by the red DoCoMo WiFi stickers on the doors, so don't accept anything less, no matter how late you are for that KneuKlid Romance concert in Shinjuku.

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