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Eric Ruth's 8-bit DJ Hero remake removed thanks to Universal Music

Here's the absolute dumbest thing you'll read this week: Eric Ruth's totally rad 8-bit de-make of DJ Hero has been removed from his official site following the issuing of a Cease and Desist letter from Universal Music Publishing Group. You can read the somewhat entertaining, genuinely frustrating exchange between Ruth and the Universal representative over on PikiGeek. Hey, man, we totally see where Universal is coming from. We were just about to buy the theme to Ghostbusters on iTunes, but we changed our mind at the last minute -- because we heard half of a mashed-up 8-bit version of the song on a freeware PC game.

Eric Ruth contacted us with his comment on the ordeal, explaining that even though he's disappointed, "Between mirroring, uploading, fttps, and torrents, I know that Pixel Force: DJ Hero will live on through the vast reaches of the internet long after Mr Grannis and Universal Music go to bed at night." The legal hurdle didn't seem to break his developmental stride, either -- he added that his next project, Pixel Force: Halo, is well underway, with a trailer planned for later this month and a tentative release window of January 2011. Now, let's just hope this one doesn't have any illicit Ray Parker, Jr. covers.

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