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New Level 80 Elite Tauren Chieftains song: Warriors of Azeroth

Kelly Aarons

As a BlizzCon 2010 attendee, I was a little disappointed that the Level 80 Elite Tauren Chieftains weren't there with a new song. That has now been remedied, as Wowhead has exclusive footage of their newest song, Warriors of Azeroth. This was shot at the Cataclysm launch event.

Sung by the metalhead and art lead Samwise Didier, this rocking new tune is an ode to all those who would don their armor for the greater good -- the warrior. Horde or Alliance, it doesn't matter -- those who grab their axes, hammers and swords, and rush headlong into battle, this song is for you. So say thanks to your tanks, give your arms warrior a hug, and grab a drink for your favorite fury. Kick back and enjoy!

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