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Rumor: Raven's Bond game shows up in animator's reel

Justin McElroy

Rumors started circulating yesterday about the rebirth of a Raven-developed James Bond game. Today, a poster on NeoGAF has unearthed footage that could very well be from that project in the demo reel of Hanjin Song, an animator on Raven's recent sci-fi FPS, Singularity.

While the gameplay bears a surface resemblance to Bizarre Creations' just-released James Bond 007: Blood Stone, the screencap above show's a different UI, a new environment and what appears to be a more detailed model of Bond star Daniel Craig. In Song's clip, we see the super spy engaging in some death-defying parkour, sneaking around behind cover and, of course, shooting incompetent minions.

We haven't heard back from Activision nor Song -- so don't start pre-ordering just yet -- but if we're not looking at the rumored Raven project, we're having a tough time imagining what else it could be.

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