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Samsung's SCH-LC11 CDMA / LTE mobile hotspot gets FCC approval, probably Verizon bound

Chris Ziegler

We've heard rumors that Novatel is working on an LTE-enabled version of its MiFi for Verizon, likely for launch early next year -- but you've got to figure that a few other manufacturers would like a slice of that sweet, juicy 4G pie, right? We just noticed this so-called SCH-LC11 from Samsung has garnered FCC approval, offering CDMA / EV-DO compatibility alongside 700MHz LTE stuffed into some sort of WiFi-enabled mobile router, which would be perfect for Big Red's new network... but then again, it'd also be perfect for MetroPCS' LTE airwaves. MetroPCS has yet to launch any data-centric LTE products, but it's got a good relationship with Samsung -- its only LTE device right now is the Samsung Craft, in fact -- so we could definitely imagine the little guys trying to beat Verizon to the punch with a sexy, pocketable 4G hotspot to do battle with Sprint's Overdrive. One way or another, this is hitting an American carrier... and the sooner, the better.

Update: Okay, we can rule out MetroPCS -- the device is approved for CDMA on 850 / 1900MHz, not AWS, which is what MetroPCS uses. Verizon, here we come.

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