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Ask questions and win prizes from Land of Chaos Online in our create-a-Q&A contest!

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

The gaming community might be buzzing about exploding worlds and NDAs, but the big splashy names aren't the only games in town by any stretch of the imagination.

Land of Chaos Online, the free-to-play strategy game that has been compared (in all the best ways) to Defense of the Ancients, has offered a fun proposition to Massively readers: a do-it-yourself Q&A that comes with a pile of LOCO prizes! The LOCO developers stand ready to answer 16 questions from Massively readers.

Your part in this is easy: simply drop your burning question about Land of Chaos Online in the comments section below before Sunday, December 12th, at 11:59 p.m. EST. We'll pick 16 and send them off to the LOCO team to be answered, and even better, give Land of Chaos Online prizes to the readers who submitted those questions! First prize is a bundle containing a 30-day Hero Card for a hero of the player's choice, seven-day Hero Cards for the latest heroes, five Skill Scrolls to teach heroes new skills and spells, 30 Entry Tickets to change heroes while in battle and match strategy to an enemy's, and one Weapon Token Box.

Five second-place winners will receive 10 Entry Tickets, two Skill Scrolls, and an Armor Token Box. Ten third-place winners will get 2,000 AP. All winners will have their questions answered by the Land of Chaos Online team. If you win, you'll need to have an active LOCO account and Hero to get your items, so if you aren't a current player there's no better time to check it out!

Make sure you take a peek at our contest rules page, then submit your question. Good luck!

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